Deposits ashes in the sea


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    Deposits ashes in the sea off Barcelona
    • Depositar cenizas en Barcelona

      with a view of the city skyline.


    Port Fórum


    Deposits ashes in the sea off Girona
    • Depositing ashes in Girona

      in the unique setting of the Costa Brava.


    Port Roses


    Deposits ashes in the sea off Tarragona
    • Depositing ashes in Tarragona

      in the calm waters of the Costa Daurada.


    Port Torredembarra


    Deposits ashes in the sea off Maresme
    • Depositing ashes in Maresme

      with an incomparable environment.


    Port Balis

All boat departures include

Our absolute dedication to achieve a unique and special moment to remember

  • Boat and Skipper with personalized attention

    Boat and Skipper with personalized attention

  • Procedures with the Administration

    Procedures with the Administration

  • High-end boats

    High-end boats

  • Nautical chart of coordinates certification

    Nautical chart of coordinates certification

What they say about us

    "Very careful treatment down to the last detail, as well as intimate and personal. The skipper and the boat were perfect. Highly recommended, we have come from Madrid and we are delighted."

    - Mario -

    1/20 reviews on Google

    "It was a beautiful farewell for our parents. A very beautiful memory that will always remain in our memory and in our hearts. Thank you."

    - Cristina -

    2/20 reviews on Google

    "A beautiful experience within the reason why it is done, an extraordinary treatment by both. Thank you for everything."

    - Montse -

    3/20 reviews on Google

    "Great professionalism and maximum respect. An unforgettable experience where customer care and pampering is the top priority."

    - Noemí -

    4/20 reviews on Google

    "It is an unforgettable experience. In which, in a few seconds you leave all the memories you have lived in its waters and with the person who will be there forever."

    - Loli -

    5/20 reviews on Google

We answer your questions

  • Yes, but it must be previously authorised by the competent authority depending on the geographical location of the place where the dumping is requested - This authorisation will be granted by the port authority if it is carried out in the public port domain or the maritime authority if it is carried out outside it.

  • Authorisations for locations where ash may be deposited will require a prior favourable report from the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs for the purposes of determining their compatibility with the corresponding marine strategy, without prejudice to other reports provided for in the legislation in force.

  • When a loved one leaves us, there are a number of funeral services that must be contracted. Depositing ashes at sea is probably the most economical of all the optional services to be contracted by the family. Cenizas Mediterráneo offers different services and prices depending on the needs of each family.

  • The ash landfill requires: a) Authorisation from the port or maritime authority. b) A report from the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs. c) That the materials are compatible with the regulations protecting the sea.

  • The ashes of our loved one will be reintegrated into nature, the sea, and the biodegradable urn containing them must be as innocuous as the ashes themselves, so as not to leave any trace in the marine environment.

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