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What you could make with the ashes of your beloved

If you want to bury or scatter the ashes them you should ask the funerary or crematorium for a biodegradable urn. Thus, when you decided that the time has come, you can simply scatter the ashes or deposit them with the urn in the place you have chosen, always bearing in mind that it complies with current legal regulations and permission to safeguard the environment.

There are many ways to "return" the ashes of a loved one to nature. In the case of wanting to scatter the ashes in the sea, Cenizas Mediterráneo helps you at this special moment, offering the best options to carry out this activity with the highest standards of comfort and safety, prioritizing sensitivity to the environment and, in particular, with the marine environment.

This video shows the service compliant with the legislation and respectful with environment.

We are are at your service to attend any doubt or suggestion you might have or customize your experience fulfilling your wishes.

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We help to deliver the ashes of your loved ones to the Mediterranean Sea, in an intimate and familiar ceremony.

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