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About urns biodegradables: All you need to know

Biodegradable urns, also called ecologic urns, are containers designed to bring the ashes of our beloved permitting both if buried or submerged in the water, are "reintegrated" into nature without leaving a contaminating trace.

Cenizas Mediterraneo are extremely compliant with law but also with common sense and environmental responsibility and we only permit biodegradable urns in our services, guaranteeing any impact at all in the sea.

There are two types of biodegradabel urns:

  • Ecological urns to be buried: There are made with sand or vegetable substrates and binders, and even olive pits.
  • Ecological urns to be submerged in water. There are made with highly soluble sand or mud and must be homologated.

Cenizas Mediterraneo uses mud urns and it is already included in the service fee.

This video shows the service as well as the legislation about the urns.

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