Where you could scatter ashes?

The authorization of sites to scatter asses require a previous repport from Ministry of Environment and rural and marine Affaires to determine the compatibility withe the marine protection strategy, notwithstanding other repports already included in the current legislation.

Cenizas Mediterraneo has bee authorized by the authorities to carry out the activity in the following points:

  • Girona: Port Roses
  • Maresme: Port Balís (Sant Andreu de Llavaneras)
  • Barcelona: Port Fòrum
  • Tarragona: Port Torredembarra y Port Cambrils
  • Mallorca: Port Casanova (Palma)

This video shows the service as well as the different authorized points.

We are are at your service to attend any doubt or suggestion you might have or customize your experience fulfilling your wishes.

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We fulfil your last wish

We help to deliver the ashes of your loved ones to the Mediterranean Sea, in an intimate and familiar ceremony.

It throws ashes into the Mediterranean Sea


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